What happens if I book to attend in-person but can’t enter the state due to government restrictions around COVID.  Can I change my registration to virtual and be refunded the difference in cost?

If your border is closed to the host state (based on registered address) and you are not permitted in the state due to restrictions around COVID 19, you will be able to change your registration to the Virtual registration.  A refund will be issued for the difference in price (less credit card merchant fees).

Please note if you are no longer wanting to travel to the event and there are no restrictions in place to prevent you from travelling, our standard cancellation terms apply.

Please note refunds for any cancelled accommodation, airfares or other related expenses for your travel to the event are subject to the hotel or your booking agent’s terms and conditions.

What happens if I arrive in Sydney and there is a sudden border closure in my state of residence and I need to return?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to refund your registration in this case.  You will have full access to the virtual platform during the event and for 30 days post-event.

My employer is not currently allowing inter-state travel.  Can I book virtual registration now and if this changes upgrade to in-person.  Is there a cut-off date?

Yes.  If approval is given to attend the meeting in person you can upgrade to in-person registration.  Registrations will remain open until 25 August 2022, however, we would prefer to be notified at least 14 days prior to event commencement.  Please email to upgrade.

I am presenting and I am no longer able to attend in-person due to border closures, how do I present virtually?

As soon as the border closure is announced or is looking likely, we will be in contact with the details for doing a voice-over PowerPoint with video.  The files will be required 72 hours prior to your scheduled presentation time. These details will be confirmed with your instructions.



All cancellations or registration changes must be made in writing to the Conference Managers at

Should your circumstances change and you wish to attend on-site in Sydney having registered virtually, you are able to do so at the current dated (earlybird or standard) registration rate.  You will be required to pay the difference in registration pricing at the advertised rate (earlybird or standard).

If you have registered to attend on-site in Sydney and it is cancelled due to circumstances out of our control, your registration will be transferred to a virtual registration with the difference in registration cost refunded to you.

In the event that you wish to cancel in full (no virtual access), the below cancellation fees will be in place.



60 days prior

45days prior

21days prior

Less than 14days prior

Face to Face Meeting

Cancellation fee of AUD$150

50% of registration fees

75% of registration fees

No refund


The majority of the AHTA Meeting sessions are being delivered virtually, and as such, the AHTA Executive and Conference Managers will provide clear guidelines on best-operating systems to use for optimum participation in the event for both attendees and sponsors.  The Conference Managers will take no responsibility or accept requests for a refund if the guidance for viewing is not followed.

The Conference Managers, in conjunction with the AHTA Executive and the Meeting Venue, are committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy meeting environment for all attendees, and to providing the information needed to achieve this. The Conference Managers, in conjunction with the AHTA Executive and the Meeting Venue, will take responsibility for providing health and safety procedures whilst onsite, however, all meeting attendees need to be aware of their own responsibilities.

Each meeting attendee is encouraged to play a vital and responsible role in maintaining a safe and healthy meeting environment through:

- Listening to the health and safety briefing onsite and/or;
- Reading the health and safety procedure document provided on-site at the registration desk.
- Ensuring all accidents and incidents that occur onsite at the meeting are reported.
- Informing the Conference Managers, a member of the AHTA Executive or a staff member at the meeting venue immediately of any health and safety concerns.
- Respecting your own personal safety and that of other meeting delegates and employees.

COVID-19 Awareness
We also ask all on-site delegates to respect these additional Health and Safety guidelines to reduce any unknown transmission of the disease:

- Please do not come to the meeting venue in Sydney if you are unwell. If you are unwell, you can attend the AHTA Meeting virtually (online). To be able to do this, please email the Conference Managers at Report your cold and flu-like symptoms to your local health professional and get tested. 
- Wash or sanitise your hands regularly.
- Sneeze or cough into your elbow and don't touch your face.
- Adhere to current recommended physical distancing, and any on-site signage and instructions.
- Download the Australian Government COVIDSafe App and relevant State app before you arrive. Further details are available at COVID Safe App

Personal information is collected on behalf of the Organisers. A delegate list will be produced for the meeting including name, organisation and region/state. It will be distributed to meeting sponsors and exhibitors. This list will not be provided by the AHTA Executive to any other third party. Should you not wish your details to be included on the list please indicate during the registration process.

The AHTA Meeting is held in a public space, therefore we are not responsible for photography or video taken by sponsors, exhibitors or participants at some meeting activities. Additionally, the Organisers may arrange for photos to be taken during the meeting. The Organisers reserve the right to use images taken at the meeting with your photograph and/or likeness in future marketing materials, including on the internet. The Conference Managers may also use images taken at the meeting with your photograph and/or likeness in future marketing materials, including on the internet, with the permission of the Organisers. Meeting attendees who do not wish for their photo to be taken have the ability to decline by sending an email to the Conference Managers at

AHTA and the conference managers will not accept any liability for losses associated with the meeting. Delegates are advised to arrange their own comprehensive travel and medical insurance, including insurance for personal possessions and financial loss due to cancellation or postponement of the meeting.